3.0 The Highlights App

The Highlights app is a dedicated desktop application for timegram. This app is installed on your team’s desktop to track their entire activity sitting silently in the background, and then groups the whole day’s activity into relevant app blocks.  

At any time of the day, each team member can see which apps they used or links they visited, select relevant activities, and log them to their respective tasks. 

The Highlights app is an automated time tracking application, which means your team doesn’t have to start or stop timers every time they sit down to work or take a break. It launches automatically at startup and remembers employees’ entire day’s activity for them.

Note: timegram follows a zero-surveillance policy which means you, as a manager, will not be able to see your employee's activity until they log in from their account. Furthermore, employees can choose the activities they want to share for each task. 

You can download the latest version of the Highlights App here.

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