1.6 Choosing Profile Type

There are three profile types on the timegram web app, Admin, Manager, and User. 

When you Sign-up on timegram, you’re an Owner/Admin by default. An Admin can send invites for people to join as Managers or Users. 

An Admin is a super user who has unrestricted access to all the product’s features, which means you can create and manage users, tasks, projects, invoices, create reports and view performances, and do practically anything in the app. 

A Manager has team-level access, which means he can create projects, assign tasks, alter working capacities, and monitor the performances of employees within his team. Managers have no jurisdiction outside of their own team.

A User is someone with basic-level access. Users can access their own projects and tasks, and review their own performance. They don’t have access to any information regarding other team members (except if they’re both working on a project or task together, in which case, they can only see each other’s names).

See ‘Managing Users’ 6.0

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